Renovated in 2007, the kitchen is a project close to Ross’s heart.  He was determined to create a space that is reflective of his own vision for the restaurant as a whole. His travels to some of the world’s finest restaurant kitchens had given him inspiration but the driving force behind this creativity was to ensure that each and every section of the kitchen was custom built, specifically for the task at hand. Completely unrecognisable from its original shape, the kitchen in its current form has completely changed the working atmosphere for the chefs.

The sleek and elegant design of chocolate brown tiles and red, wall-to-wall covering, with smoked glass, powder-coated stainless steel and marble countertops provide a cool balance to the creative heat of the kitchen. A unique but subtle, visual access into the kitchen has been provided for those seated on the chef’s table, but the mystery and allure that go hand in hand with all great kitchens remain, securing Chapter One’s culinary magic.