If the kitchen is the engine room of Chapter One then the restaurant is most definitely what the Irish would call “The Good Room”!

Thanks to our interior architect Maria MacVeigh, the restaurant is sleek and elegant, with textured fabrics and warm colours that together create a comfortable and elegant space that encourages our visitors to relax and enjoy themselves.

The Best of Irish Craft

We are very committed to celebrating the integrity of people who are masters of their craft, so we made a conscious effort to source pieces by Irish craftspeople.   Among them are Kieran Higgins’ bog oak sculpts, Joe Hogan’s hand-woven baskets, Colm Hassett’s beautiful table for the Jameson Room (our private dining space) and David Coyne’s bespoke pedestals and stunning table in the Demi Salle (a semi-private dining space for 6). The wood used in these pieces is all sourced in Ireland and our artwork is from predominantly Irish artists.

Dining is and should be a multi-sensory experience.  As well as pleasing the palette with our food, our aim with our dining space is to offer art that is pleasing to the eye.  We hope you enjoy it all.