Martin Corbett: A Tribute

After 23 years in business it becomes clear that no two years are the same.   And 2016 was made more unique when Martin Corbett, our legendary Maitre D’ and founding partner, retired from Chapter One in June.

The role of Maitre D’ is a crucial one in any restaurant, and in his time here Martin perfected it.

In his welcome to guests from Ireland and across the world, Martin was the ultimate expression of Irish hospitality. Warm and humorous, he was always willing to share quick-witted anecdotes to entertain but mostly to put people at their ease.

Many accolades and awards came our way during Martin’s time here, including a Michelin star.   But his greatest legacy is that the democratic and warm welcome he showed everyone has become our hallmark.   His professionalism meant that all were received equally.  For Martin, awards were almost secondary to his ultimate criterion for success:  that guests’ experience should ensure their return.

As a restless soul, and with 47 years ‘on the dancefloor’ as they say, we can’t see Martin sitting out the rest of his journey, but he will always be a fundamental part of the Chapter One story.   We are extremely grateful for the years he gave us here.

But while the lights dimmed temporarily with Martin’s departure in June, they still shine brightly as we embark on the next stage of our voyage.  We know it won’t be quite the same without him but we feel confident that his gift to us is a gold-plated standard of hospitality that is now embedded in the business and in our core philosophy.

For this – as for so many other things – we can’t thank him enough.

Dr. Corbett, it was a privilege and an honour.